William Wegman Casual 2002
William Wegman Casual 2002 (detail) Collection of the artist © William Wegman

William Wegman is renowned as a versatile artist who resists easy classification, moving between painting, drawing, photography, film, video, books and performances. He is best known for photographing his Weimaraners in colourful outfits and playful poses.

Inspired by the William Wegman: Being Human exhibition, NGV Kids have collaborated with the artist to create this collage and drawing activity starring Wegman’s own beloved Weimaraners.

Using a variety of media and the puppies’ expressive faces as your starting point, let your imagination carry you as you create a fantastical ‘make believe’ scene and transform each pup into anything from an astronaut to a ballerina.

Free entry

NGV International

Great Hall
Ground Level

Booking is not required.


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