UCLA Art: After Hours

UCLA Art: After Hours

Los Angeles—UCLA Department of Art announces the opening of After Hours, featuring works by Chris Bassett, Ed Beller, Ben Evans, Valerie Green, Dean Erdmann, Shoshi Kanokohata, Sarah Sarchin, Hope Stutzman, and Eric Vrymoed. This is the seventh exhibition showcasing the talents of the UCLA Department of Art’s support staff, who supervise the daily operations of the various genres as well as maintain their own art practices. Their works are as diverse as their disciplines.

Beller includes photographs from San Pedro. Evans’ new oil paintings investigate the intersection of discrete color, space, and time. Bassett forages in his photographic archives. Sarchin includes new paintings and sculpture. Vrymoed’s current work examines the negation and preoccupation of scopophilic tendencies. Green explores the idea of interface as it relates to photography, technology, and generation with works that challenge our expectations of actuality and virtuality.  Erdmann’s new moving image and photographic works present a meditation on labor, reproduction and the maintenance of images. Stutzman’s sculpture explores the relationship between her body and women’s apparel in public and private spaces. Kanokohata presents new ceramic work.

Featured Artists:

Chris Bassett Ed Beller
Dean Erdmann Ben Evans
Valerie Green Shoshi Kanokohata
Sarah Sarchin Hope Stutzman
Eric Vrymoed

August 30, 2018- September 13, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 30, 5-9PM

New Wight Gallery
1100 Broad Art Center
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Gallery Hours:
Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM

Admission is free.

Parking in Lot 3: $3/hour, Max $12/day


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