My Veins Do Not End In Me |Opening June 30th


LOS ANGELES—My Veins Do Not End in Me explores how we inherit pasts that don’t directly belong to us and how the memories these pasts conjure live within families, amongst communities, and across nations. The exhibition is conceived as a family portrait that is at once intimate and worldly. Bringing together the work of Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio (b. 1990, Los Angeles), his father Juan Edgar (b. 1954, El Salvador), and his grandmother Maria de la Paz (b. 1917, El Salvador), the show investigates the material and cultural legacies of El Salvador’s Civil War, while opening the door to a little-known but vital part of LA art history rooted in the beginnings of the Central American Civil Rights movement.

Grappling with the unexpected ways in which the images, stories, and behaviors that we grow up with become tools for the transmission of trauma, this exhibition looks at how three generations of artists from the same family developed sharply distinct responses to the shifting psychological, political and material needs of their shared past in their life experiences.

Backdropped against a global refugee crisis and America’s historical complicity with its creation, the exhibition will, through a robust public program, also expand conversations around migrant narratives and provide context into the conditions that lead to displacement.

My Veins Do Not End In Me is organized by The Mistake Room and curated by Nicolas Orozco-Valdivia, TMR Assistant Curator, and Cesar Garcia, TMR Executive & Artistic Director.


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