freshly cut and softly bound at VACATION NY

freshly cut and softly boundLisa Kehler Art + Projects (Winnipeg, Canada) Presents:

freshly cut and softly bound

June 17-30

Adam Beris, Kenny Curwood, Michael Dumontier, Aganetha Dyck, Chantal Dupas, Bea Fremderman, Daniel Gibson, Thomas Linder, Morgan Mandalay, Tess Michalik, Brad Phillips, Joshua Petker, Edward Salas, Camille Schefter, and Corri-Lynn Tetz

the delicacy of a flower, freshly cut and softly bound. are we all destined for the greatness we dreamt of, or are we the bastards of random consequence, set in our paths in a struggle we traded for those lofty dreams. was it a random calla lily on the side of the road some sixty miles north of san francisco that taught me a lesson; there is no plan in this, and we are left to become weeds, flowers, or forests of reason or despair.

an artist is given a platform, and a responsibility is taken or ignored. the object made is inherently meaningful, by chance or by premeditation, and once divorced from the hands of the maker, that object takes the gaze and makes shape to some experience we have all had. how else do i translate a green slash of paint but as a blade of grass i smelled and played in as a child, had sex in as a teen, put out a cigarette in as an adult, and became buried under as a corpse? This exhibition is a study of the presentation of nature, the synthesized practices utilized to make said nature, and the artists intention in providing us with a depiction of our flawed selves in a natural environs.

-Timo Fahler

New exhibition co-curated by Lisa Kehler + Timo Fahler, from June 17-30 at VACATION (24A Orchard Street, NY). Featuring work by Adam Beris (LA), Kenny Curwood (NY), Michael Dumontier (MB), Aganetha Dyck (MB), Chantal Dupas (MB), Bea Fremderman (NY), Daniel Gibson (LA), Thomas Linder (LA), Morgan Mandalay (NY), Tess Michalik (NY), Brad Phillips (ON), Joshua Petker (LA), Edward Salas (LA), Camille Schefter (LA), and Corri-Lynn Tetz (MTL).


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