Fiona Connor: Closed Down Clubs

Fiona Connor, Closed Down Clubs
Fiona Connor, Closed Down Clubs, Smell, 2017, Silkscreen on foil.

LOS ANGELES— Fiona Connor: Closed Down Clubs opens from May 11 to August 12 at 1301PE in Los Angeles.

Closed Down Clubs is a sculptural presentation of a series of freestanding doors, produced by the artist to match exactly those of a particular nightclub or small community establishment right at the moment when it ceased to exist. When a place closed, Connor would document the door in detail and she has worked with a range of fabrication techniques in their re-creation. The artist frames each of these doors as a document for a lost space, entry into a place that was.

These physical pieces of the clubs acted as signage announcing their respective identities: Connor’s sculptures capture their details as a piece of the past, and the artist even reproduced ephemera from the events inside (such as club flyers) and eviction notices from city authorities. Most striking are the artist’s inclusion of the direct statements clubs would post on the doors advising their communities of their demise – Connor recorded and reproduced these as well.

Fiona Connor
Closed Down Clubs
11 May – 12 August, 2018
Opening: Friday, 11 May  7 – 9 pm AT Mackey Garage Top
1137 South Cochran Ave. 90019
Hours: Fridays, 11AM – 6PM, and by appointment. Admission is free.

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