Rhizome Seven on Seven 10th Edition

Rhizome, New Museum, Seven on Seven
New York—
Rhizome and the New Museum are pleased to announce the 10th edition of the celebrated art-tech platform Seven on Seven. This annual event brings together leaders in art and technology for an extended creative collaboration, giving them a simple challenge: to “make something.”

On Saturday, May 19, the collaborative duos will reveal their projects at Seven on Seven, hosted by Rhizome at the New Museum, Rhizome’s longtime affiliate and New York City’s leading museum dedicated to contemporary art. Tickets to the conference are on sale here.

Organized by Michael Connor, Artistic Director, and Zachary Kaplan, Executive Director, the 10th edition of Seven on Seven takes place in a moment of broad public disillusionment with digital platforms and their impact on interpersonal communication and media culture. Against this backdrop, the collaborators rethink ways of communicating and organizing through technology, looking to evolving disciplines such as machine intelligence and blockchain governance while revisiting fundamental principles of digital culture.

“This year’s collaborations are marked by a new openness to technological, social, and political alternatives that might previously have seemed unrealistic,” notes Rhizome’s Artistic Director Michael Connor. “It’s a time to go back to first principles.”

Several special programs are planned to mark the 10th edition of Seven on Seven, including a publication designed by a team at Wieden+Kennedy, led by Richard Turley, Global Creative Director. Featuring contributions by Seven on Seven alumni, the publication will be distributed for free at the New Museum and other venues beginning May 19.

An online exhibition featuring recent software from the program, “Real Artists Ship” will be copresented by Rhizome and the New Museum as part of their ongoing digital series First Look. Finally, a pilot Seven on Seven outreach program funded in 2017 by Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation will bring an art-and-technology residency to fourth graders at Q317 in Queens in advance of the event.

“This year’s Seven on Seven is an opportunity to consider all that we’ve accomplished. Over ten editions, the program has done so much to make the argument that the fields of technology and art must learn from one another, in ways that acknowledge their points of overlap and their specificities,” said Zachary Kaplan, Rhizome’s Executive Director. “But at the same time, it’s an opportunity to think about the future. Critiques of technology’s effects have become increasingly mainstream; what sort of alternatives might be imagined as part of Seven on Seven over the next decade?”

“With its tenth edition, Seven on Seven builds upon its history of critical conversations at the crossroads of art and technology,” said Lisa Phillips, Toby Devan Lewis Director of the New Museum. “This year’s line-up promises to add important new voices, while retaining the vibrant spirit that has defined Seven on Seven.”

Seven on Seven 2018, Rhizome, New Museum
Seven on Seven 2018 Artists.

Seven on Seven 2018 will feature:

Artist Petra Cortright & Carl Tashian, Engineer and Entrepreneur

Artist Sara Cwynar & Cierra Sherwin, Director of Color Product Development, Glossier

Artist and Nonfood Co-Founder Sean Raspet & Francis Tseng, Designer and Developer

Artist Tabita Rezaire & Kenric McDowell, Director, Google Artists and Machine Intelligence

Artist Avery Singer & Matt Liston, Founding Member & Ambassador, Gnosis

Artist Mika Tajima & Yasmin Green, R&D Director, Jigsaw at Alphabet Inc.

Artist Dena Yago & Yalda Mousavinia, Co-Founder, Space Cooperative


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