The Museum Of Selfies Opens In Los Angeles April 1st

LOS ANGELES—The Museum of Selfies opens its doors in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 1 for a limited two-month engagement. The Museum of Selfies is an interactive pop-up museum that explores the history and cultural phenomenon of the selfie with historical roots dating back 40,000 years to the first depiction of human art. The museum will showcase over fifteen unique exhibits and a record-breaking selfie stick measuring 90-feet, 6 inches long, extending through the entire length of the museum.

The Museum of Selfies
Bathroom selfie. Courtesy of The Museum of Selfies

Museum highlights include one-of-a-kind exhibits dedicated to the most popular image categories including: the “high-up selfie,” a vertigo-inducing, rooftop selfie mimicking the top of LA’s tallest building without the risk of falling to your death; the “bathroom selfie,” a two-sided room that lacks self-reflection; a ”selfie throne” which resembles a familiar pop culture throne made entirely of selfie sticks, as well as a “history-of-the-selfie timeline“.

“We tried to avoid making the museum about the surface value of selfies and more about the selfie phenomenon embraced by the human race and how universal it is,” said Tommy Honton, Co-Founder of The Museum of Selfies.

Seflie Throne,The Museum of Selfies
The selfie throne. Courtesy of The Museum of Selfies

The museum will also feature works from famous selfie artists including David J. Slater, the photographer behind the viral “monkey selfie,” as well as selfies of Riccardo Scalise, dubbed “Mr. Selfie,” who has taken selfies with some of the most recognizable people in the world. Award-winning artist Colette Miller, who started the Global Angel Wings Project, will display a colorful 3-D sculpture of her instantly-recognizable Angel Wings made entirely of tires. Visual tape and dimensional artist, Darel Carey will mesmerize visitors with an electrical tape installation that challenges visual perception and local artist Matt Elson will explore human perception and social interaction through one of his popular kaleidoscope Infinity Boxes.

In addition to being the home of the World’s Longest Selfie Stick, the museum will offer various live interactive social experiences powered by its experiential technology partner, Eventstag. From a 3D photo booth allowing museum-goers to pop-out of their social feeds via split depth GIF technology and a social photomosaic turning individual selfies into a work of art, visitors will have everything they need to share their experiences across all social media platforms.

Van Gogh's Bedroom, The Museum of Selfies
Van Gogh’s Bedroom.  Courtesy of The Museum of Selfies

Regardless of one’s perception of the selfie sensation, the museum offers a highly-visual and educational experience for guests to post and initiate a discussion of the origin of selfies and their meanings. And while other museums may have banned them, selfie sticks aren’t just allowed inside, they are encouraged.


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