Ann Chamberlin: Around and Around

There, 2016 gouache on paper 20-7/8 x 27-3/8″ – framed @ Ann Chamberlin

SANTA MONICA—Lora Schlesinger Gallery is proud to present Around and Around, Ann Chamberlin’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery, featuring a new series of paintings.The exhibition opens with an artist’s reception, Saturday February 24th from 5 – 7 pm, and is on view through April 7, 2018.

Tiger Twins,2016 gouache on paper 12-3/8 x 15-3/8″ – framed @ Ann Chamberlin

Ann Chamberlin’s Around and Around centers on small dramas that are offered in process and perpetually unresolved. Some of the scenes are imagined and some are true, but all are presented as questionable circumstances. In Earthquake, the chaos of the disaster is contained by its labyrinth-like composition that extends around page. Without a clear indication of direction, the characters are forced to exist in an infinite state of havoc. In Taxis and Police, Chamberlin reimagines a real event in which taxi drivers were gunned down in her neighborhood. Residents were left to deduce how the event violent event transpired and ultimately had no choice but to move onto the next tragedy, a somber reality of how quickly the world moves from one event to the next often without resolutions.

Pink Shore, 2016 gouache on paper 12-1/4 x 15-1/4″ – framed @ Ann Chamberlin

Ann Chamberlin was awarded the City of Los Angeles Individual Artists’ Fellowship Grant and the J. Paul Getty Individual Artist Grant and was a Fulbright Scholar to Medellín, Colombia.  Chamberlin has shown at many museums and galleries including the Gallery at REDCAT, Los Angeles, The Frye Art Museum, Seattle, the Armory Center for the Arts, and the Long Beach Museum of Art.

Exhibition Dates: February 24 – April 7, 2018

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