Elvan Alpay: Game Over/ Let’s Play

Elvan Alpay Untitled III 2017 125x240cm Mixed media on canvas (Courtesy: Galeri Nev Istanbul)

A new solo show by Elvan Alpay titled Game Over/ Let’s Play. is on view at the Galeri Nev İstanbul which features twelve recent monosized paintings of the artist.

In her solo exhibition titled Biophilia II in 2015, Alpay had transformed the gallery space into a surreal universe. is time, taking further her a nity with the ora and fauna of nature, she adds three-dimensionality to the ecosystem she creates in the exhibition space.

The colorful drawings of owers and animals that constitute the backbone of Alpay’s particular style form the background of her canvases. She uses polyester cutouts painted with acrylic and pastes them on canvas. e attached owers and plants grow out of the canvas as newly blossomed plants of spring. e surface of the painting then becomes a playground for bee-eaters and frogs that hide and appear on a fairytale like ora of the canvas.

The show invites viewers into an oasis reminiscent of the colorful, healing and soothing aspects of nature. Yet the title of the show Game Over / Let’s Play, refers daintily to the social and political order that we are facing today. It implies that the current system continues with an eternal stumble and should come to an end, giving birth to a more humane and sustainable system instead.


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