Jeanie Riddle: Open Letter to the Women

Lettre ouverte aux femmes, 2018, vue d’exposition, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montréal (Canada)

MONTRÉAL—Montreal-based artist and director of Parisian Laundry Jeanie Riddle will bring her third solo exhibition to the Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, titled Open Letter to the Women.

The exhibition will showcase painting in a variety of conventional and non-conventional ways, including folding, piling and draping canvases. The paintings, along with a collection of sculptures will situate the gallery’s space as a site of resistance and a secret messaging of encouragement, love and community by way of an exploration of colour, joy and the domestic.

Jeanie Riddle, Lettre ouverte aux femmes | Open Letter to the Women, 2018 Vue d’exposition | Exhibition view – Photo: Paul Litherland

The paintings perform like posters, like those of inspiration found in schools, gyms or community centres, as well as those found at rallies or protests. They are brash and fuelled by colour, pattern and graphics. The sculptures also take on a role of organizational equipment that reference writing stations and the office or school.

Born and raised in Montreal, Jeanie Riddle left in the early 90s for California returning​ ​to Canada in 1999. She received her MFA from Concordia University in 2005. She has exhibited widely across Canada as well as in NYC and Berlin.

Jeanie Riddle, There Are Many Things That Are Blue, 2017 ​Acrylique sur toile, métal, latex | Acrylic on canvas, metal, latex​

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