Lisa Seebach: Soft Architecture

Lisa Seebach Parallel shifts and aquarium views 2017 Metal, unfired ceramics, varnish, ink, paper 124 ½ x 106 ¼ x 107 in / 316 x 270 x 272 cm LS_002

LOS ANGELES—Soft Architecture, the first solo exhibition of Berlin-based artist Lisa Seebach will be on view from January 13 to February 24, 2018 at Meliksetian | Briggs.

The title of the exhibition, Soft Architecture, relates to the artist’s conception of a “psychological structure” governing the installation – her memories of architectural settings and architectonic forms in the built environment of the city and living spaces combined with heightened psychic tension and mental consciousness, emotions and sensations.  This title is indicative of the ambiguities and oppositions that Seebach balances and engages with in her work – rigorous formal structural elements combined with the handmade, the space between the literal and the poetic, or seeming flatness of various elements contrasted with the three dimensional, for instance.

For this exhibition, Seebach has made a site-specific installation consisting of five individual sculptures – three wall-works and two floor pieces – comprised of steel and ceramic components.  Seebach’s sculptures are made in relation to the human form and its dynamics – how the body interacts with the sculptural form. Negative space occupies a large part of each sculpture, and, like marks or drawings, the steel elements delineate, outline and contain an invisible space, suspended in an ephemeral, “in-between” state.   Each sculpture conjures an amplified moment – elegant and fragile – evoking a space containing something of a thought.


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