The LA ART SHOW Announces Return of SM Fine Art’s Dansaekhwa, Highlights Galleries & Artists From South Korea, China, Japan & More

만화-병풍 (Cartoon-folding screen) 12min LED TV 2016 (12)
Lee Lee Nam, Chinese Folding Screen LED TV, presented by Simyo Gallery

Los Angeles– For its 2018 edition, the LA Art Show announced the fourth consecutive exhibition of Dansaekhwa, curated by SM Fine Art, featuring the multi-layered monochromes of Korean artist Kim Tae-Ho.

Dansaekhwa (pronounced “dawn-say-qua”) is considered one of the most influential Korean art movements of the 20th century with works typically rendered via pushing layers of white, black, blue, or earth-toned paints across soaked canvases or dragging pencils across (sometimes ripped) pieces of traditional hanji paper. Development of Kim Tae-Ho’s most recent works in this movement coincided with the turning of the millennium. Focusing on brush strokes and the application of color, for the most part, these works appear to be vastly different from his previous works.

Lee Lee Nam’s “Chinese Folding-Screen LED TV” will be presented by Simyo Gallery. The 12 minute video installation will feature a traditional Asian five-folding screen, reproduced in digital form where the still images of the classical masterpieces come alive as they travel through time. The interaction between the cartoon characters and the various images, pulled from iconic art, war, and Asian society will speak of the many faces of modern civilization.

The LA Art Show is pleased to announced that the National Exhibition of China is going to be held at the fair for the 4th year in a row. The National Exhibition of China  is an important overseas project of China Cultural Media Group (CCMG) under the support of the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition contains 4 separate sections: “Oriental Spirit: Liu Yilin’s Art Space,” “Artistic Conception of Ink and Wood: Chinese Literati’s Poetic Residence,” “Appreciation of Style: Traditional Craft’s Classics and Romance” and “Reflection of the Era: Multiple Expressions of Chinese Contemporary Art,” bringing a splendid visual feast of sculpture, painting, poetic residence and contemporary visual culture from the East.

The California Museum of Fine Art will be exhibiting the works of Chinese-American oil painter Dali Higa, whose works, among other elements, feature scenes from her early life in China, with Russian aesthetic influences.

Shanghai-based artist Yu NanCheng will be showcasing his paintings—best known for combining the techniques of the Chinese Xieyi movement with western mediums. NanCheng started his Chinese painting training at the age of 14, studying under the late Chinese painting master, Dai YuanJun from Jiangsu Province.

BoxHeart Gallery will be exhibiting the multi-media works of Toronto-based artist Andrew Ooi, who uses origami and Japanese joinery techniques to create auto-biographical, folded paper sculptures.

The large-scale sculptural work of Lee Jae Hyo will be be the center-piece of the inaugural DESIGN LA ART section.

Exhibitors from South Korea will include Art Gangnam Gallery & Company, CMay Gallery, Galerie Bhak, Simyo Gallery, Young Art Gallery and uJung Gallery. Gallery DoArte and Beloved in Art Association, both based in Los Angeles, will present the work of their Korean-American artists.

Shumoku Gallery, based in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan, and Fun Year Art Gallery of Taipei, Taiwan will also exhibit their impressive lineup of artists.


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