FotoFest International Reveals Artist List for 2018 Edition

Sandip Kuriakose (Delhi, India), Interested, 2017. From the series NPNR. Courtesy of the artist

The FotoFest International announce the names of the 48 featured artists in the central exhibition for its upcoming FOTOFEST 2018 BIENNIAL, March 10 – April 22, 2018. Dedicated to INDIA: Contemporary Photographic and New Media Art. FotoFest 2018 speaks to a number of contemporary issues in India including gender and sexuality, land rights conflict, the environment, human settlement and migration, and caste and class divisions. The participating artists are from India and the global Indian diaspora.

Organized by Lead Curator Sunil Gupta and FotoFest Executive Director Steven Evans, FotoFest 2018 will be one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary photography by artists of Indian origin to be presented in the United States. The artists were handpicked by Mr. Gupta and Mr. Evans while journeying through multiple cities in India and across the world.

“The artists, all of Indian origin, are imagining and responding to what India means today in its myriad complexities, given its ancient culture and more recent emancipation from British colonialism,” says Biennial Lead Curator Sunil Gupta. “They were selected by a process of portfolio reviews and face-to-face meetings with nearly three times as many artists than are in the show. The final short list was arrived at by assessing the engagement of their works with both the issues and the technology that define photography in the world today.”

Highlights include Indu Antony (Bangalore, India) who will present photographs of drag kings from her ManiFest series, exploring representation of gender and sexuality; Sheba Chhachhi (Ethiopia/Delhi, India) whose work addresses the environment and eco-philosophy; Vicky Roy (Delhi, India), whose long-term documentation of young street children is a reflection of his own personal history as a child runaway; Shilpa Gupta, among the best known contemporary artists in the exhibition, who will show a large-scale interactive video work; Asif Khan (Delhi, India) who will show works from his Muzaffarnagar series documenting Tibetan refugee camps; and Max Kandhola (Birmingham, UK) who will present new work from his series Roti Kapta aur Makaan, examining racial dynamics and migration in England.

The full artist list for the 2018 edition of FotoFest International follows in full below:

Indu Antony (Bangalore, India)

Pablo Bartholomew (Delhi, India)

Atul Bhalla (Delhi, India)

Mohini Chandra (Fiji/UK/Australia)

Sheba Chhachhi (Ethiopia/Delhi, India)

Serena Chopra (Delhi, India)

Tenzing Dakpa (Delhi, India)

Sarindar Dhaliwal (Canada/Mumbai, India)

Anita Dube (Delhi, India)

Gauri Gill (Delhi, India)

Chandan Gomes (Delhi, India)

Shilpa Gupta (Mumbai, India)

Shivani Gupta (Goa, India)

Vinit Gupta (Delhi, India)

Apoorva Guptay (Mumbai, India)

Abhishek Hazra (Bangalore, India)

Sohrab Hura (Delhi, India)

Manoj Kumar Jain (Delhi, India)

Samar Singh Jodha (Dubai, UAE)

Ranbir Kaleka (Delhi, India)

Rashmi Kaleka (Delhi, India)

Jitish Kallat (Mumbai, India)

Max Kandhola (Birmingham, UK)

Roshini Kempadoo (UK/Guyana)

Asif Khan (Delhi, India)

Anita Khemka and Imran B. Kokiloo (Delhi, India)

Sandip Kuriakose (Delhi, India)

Dhruv Malhotra (Delhi, India)

Arun Vijai Mathavan (Ahmedabad, India)

Annu Palakunnathu Matthew (UK/USA)

Uzma Mohsin (Delhi, India)

Nandini Valli Muthiah (Chennai, India)

Pushpamala N. (Bangalore, India)

Dileep Prakash (Delhi, India)

Ram Rahman (Delhi, India)

Raqs Media Collective (Delhi, India)

Anoop Ray (Delhi, India)

Vicky Roy (Delhi, India)

Vidisha Saini (Delhi, India)

Hemant Sareen (Delhi, India)

Gigi Scaria (Delhi, India)

Mithu Sen (Delhi, India)

Rishi Singhal (Gandhinagar, India)

Leila Sujir (Montréal, Canada)

Ishan Tankha (Delhi, India)

Prince Varughese Thomas (Houston, USA)

Anusha Yadav (Mumbai, India)

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